Age Group

Who Is It For?

Toddlers (Age 0-4)-Linguistics Intelligence

From the time of birth to Age 4 is the most crucial time in the overall development of a child. It was during this time that most of the concepts and words are being recorded in the brain. Brain Printing can be used to have an idea about the potential of the child during this period and it will help in planning his or her future.

Children (Age 4-12)-Kinesthetic Intelligence

It was during this period, the brain will undergo tremendous exercises to get organized. Everything what are not needed will be eliminated and those which are necessary will be aggregated. It is during this age, children will become more curious and will have a hunger to learn. Brain Print during this age limit will help to understand their learning styles and abilities and also the areas of intelligence. This will help parents to identify the most suitable course for them.

Teenagers and Young Adults (Age 12-25)-Visual & spatial Intelligence

During teenage, the brain will be more pruning and get specialized to some specific areas. Brain also will start developing specific identity during this period. Brain Printing during this period will spread more light into the areas of intelligence and also will give clearer picture about the learning styles. This will help the parents to guide them in their career.

Adult (Age 25+)

It was during this period that the brain gets organized properly. Some of the unwanted connections will be eliminated and some will get enhanced. Brain Printing during this age will help to know the real personality of a person and thus can be guided to proper career. Employers can also make the brain printing to know the strength and weakness of employees.