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Welcome to Brain Print

Brain Print Multiple Intelligence test is a truly scientific study of the fingerprint patterns. This will help in understanding a great individual’s potential & personality Type. BRAIN PRInT Multiple Intelligence Test (BMIT) is based on understanding from Neuroscience, Genetics,  Psychology and Embryology. BMIT Test Assessment method has been formulated by scientists and Medical experts. BMIT Test has accepted by Entire world and also from renowned universities. Medical experts and Approved clinical experience confirmed that finger prints provide accurate analysis of humans Multiple Intelligences and inborn potential. Traditionally only IQ test is used to be a measurement tool for degree of intelligence. Now BRAIN PRInT Multiple Intelligence Test Using in the field of School college and educational institutions. Human resource management. Children memory Enhancements Programs. Career Guidance and Career Counselling.


The finger prints or the ridged skin patterns found on fingers, palms, soles and toes are unique for each person and it is being formed during the fetal development stage. As per the modern science, dermal nerves and blood vessels will be arranged in a specific order prior to the formation of brain  or these ridged skin patterns. This led to the conclusion that blood vessels and nerves playing an important role in determining the pattern of human brain . Scientists have proved the relation between the brain development  patterns and one’s personality.

Its is also scientifically proved that  between 13th and 19th week ,when the baby is  in mothers womb ,there is development of Brain and Similarly there  is development of finger prints, the tissue that develops Brain and fingerprints is also the same .

Anatomically, hands are the most important organs in the human body and it has the major chunk of nerves from the brain. Approximately, about 200 million nerves are ending at hands. This fact also underlines the conclusion that the physiological and psychological information about a person can be tapped from the brain prints.

BRAIN PRINT. The organization established under the guidance of eminent scientists and research scholars utilizing the technology to identify the physiological and psychological information about a person. This information can be utilized effectively to chart out career plans and the future of children as well as of adults.

With the help o brain print, the strengths  and weakness  of a person can be identified. His or her hidden talents, IN BORN POTENTIAL ,IQ,EQ,AQ and CQ patterns  can be evaluated. This information will certainly help in designing the future course.

Concepts of Brain Print

About Finger prints

There are no two identical fingerprints. One’s 10 fingers are not the same include BRAIN PRInT style, strip height, density, quantity and location of the point is not the same as the trigeminal.

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Types of Finger Prints

Everyone gets on well with person whose fingerprints are mainly loops. They have good communication skills and all round capability.

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Multiple Intelligence

The “Theory of Multiple Intelligence”  Was Proposed by Prof Howard Gardner of Harvard University in  1983 in his path-breaking book “Frames of Mind” to redefine  the concept of intelligence

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Learning Style

Self-discovery through modifications and leveraging on existing materials i.e. learning of new subjects/topics is preferred to be example based.

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Active and have high bodily-kinesthetic and learning sensitivity; encouraged to use sensory and hands-on, practical activities in learning.

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Historical Evidence


An Hyderabad based organisation (BRAIN PRInT)revoked the idea and concept in more scientific way and service motto to help students, professionals and adults.

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